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Nightwinder 2

My man Mr Murder has once again made an amazing Halo mod. This time he has reworked Containment, making the mod 'Nightwinder 2'. Those of us who were around in the early Halo 1 modding scene should remember his amazing work, and he is back and better than ever.

Video Links:
- http://www.teamdefiance.la/vids/Nightwinder2/
- http://useruploads.mythica.org/view/Nightwinder2.wmv

Pics + Description + Download:
- http://forums.halomods.com/viewtopic.php?t=56955



The official WPI Campus Map website is up. For the latest updates on my newest project, check it out.



The Map

Well now that the Halo map has been presented to the school and made public, I thought I should put up a bit of information about it.

The map that I developed, with the help of my floormates Matt Murdy and Brad Scoville, is an accurate representation of our college campus, WPI, located in Worcester Mass

Here are some screenshots so you can get an idea of how far along it is.

WPI and all that Jazz

Well it is that time again. The time to make a post on Halo GT after months of no updates. Yay.

I've been hard at work at Worcester Polytechnical Institute (WPI) in Worcester Mass. Being an IMGD major (interactive media and game design) I have pretty high requirements. I am taking a bunch of CS classes and might end up minoring in CS. Im also doing a bunch of art, music, and storytelling classes, in addition to physics, math, and sciences.

The clan that was Halo GT may have broken up. Seeing as how Tom (raccoon) is at RIT up in Rochester, there's not much halo playing going on btw us. I have found some other good players here at WPI but they will not be part of GT. The site will stay up, and more videos may come in the future.

For the GDC (Game Dev Club) I will be producing a Halo 1 Mod, and will post updates about that project when possible. If you have any suggestions for mods, you can email me.

Also, I dont go on live as much as I used to so if i never respond to your friend request, I am sorry.  Dont take it personally.

Thats it for now. Stay tuned for more...



The hbo lan at my house just ended. (GT)Fosheez aka Adam, has taken some pictures (albeit low quality) and a few quick videos with his camera. They are hosted locally at halogt.com and you can get to them from the HBO Link.



Heres a sample pic, just because its so hawt.


KP's LANFest

Just recently got back from KP's HBO lan. It was great fun. Check out the write up here.

The Art of Deception

A fan of GT and accomplished halo video maker named Eisen Feuer has created a great movie called The Art of Deception. Along with the written guide, it shows how to evade, trick, and humiliate your opponents using stealth and careful gameplay. I highly recommend watching it.

The written guide can be found here.

The video is being released in two formats:

1) MPEG-4, which requires QuickTime Player 6.5 (already on most computers) and weighs in at:
24mb - Download (Right click - save as)

2) H.264, a new codec that requires QuickTime Player 7. Higher Quality, and weighs in at only:
30mb - Download (Right click - save as)

Email any comments to: eisenfeuer@talkxbox.com


GT 18

No Scope King - 35.8 MB - Quicktime

No Scope King - 26.4 MB - Windows Media Player



Special Thanks to halo2forum for helping with the release of NSK (for those not in the know, its No Scope King for short). The movie will be released TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! Watch here , or halo2forum for the release.


Tagboard giving errors

Ill be replacing it in the near future due to its errors.


New Comics and Art

Two new webcomic series have been added to the Webcomics page, and another piece of Fan Art has been put up. Keep on sending!


Crazy Frog's Webcomic

New "Crazy Frog's Variety Comic" for you today. Check the Webcomics page.


New Site Sections

I'm putting up new sections for Modding Instruction, Fan Art, and Webcomics. Enjoy.


Level 40's

Sometimes I wonder how high we would be if we didnt get hacked and standbyed every other game. Click for full sized pictures. Also, view bungie stats.


Shout Box

Below the Halogt poll on the left is a little shoutbox. Comment, yell, complain. . . whatever.



Halo GT #18 - "No scope King"

I think its about time to unveil the project that ive been working on for quite a while.
Gathering clips like these took longer than expected, so its been a long time in the making.

--This is only a teaser--

Thanks SO very much to mythica for the hosting

QT - High
- Mythica.org - Click Here

QT - Low
- Mythica.org - Click Here

WMP - Medium
- Mythica.org - Click Here


Switching video hosts

Some of the newer videos, the ones hosted off-site (at halomodscafe.com), are down. I am re-uploading them to mythica, so please be patient.



Montage Contest

I'm sure many of you remember Halo GT #14 "You Slay Me". It was my first Halo 2 montage, and it was also my first video project using my new video editing program Final Cut Pro, for mac.

This video has been entered into a contest at halo2forum.com and the contest was for the best halo 2 video (more specifically, montage video). I made it to the final 8 and now the decision is up to the forum members to decide.

I am asking for your support in the vote. You need to sign up for the forum and make a few posts to become an "active" member (to prevent mass name creation and poll whoring). The minimum posts required is less than 10 (around 7) so any GT fans that would like to help me place in the contest, your vote is highly appreciated.

I could win some money (not too much .. like 40 or 20 for 1st or second) and I get to play Rippon 1v1 in Halo 2 if I get first. That would be pretty sick. He is supposedly extremely good.

The voting ends on the 26th of May. Tell your friends. Dont make more than one name to vote, because IP's are probably being looked at. Thank you HaloGT fans.

Voting ends May 26th. http://www.halo2forum.com

Actual poll thread is located here.



Halo GT 17

Ok, the second part of How To Succeed At Halo Without Really Trying is OUT. You can download it below.

*New* HaloGT 17 - How to Succeed At Halo - PART 2

Medium Quality (46.2 MB)

- Mythica.org Click here

Quicktime 7 version coming soon. . .



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